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Real-time Software

For an application where many users work simultaneously and changes in a program need to be reflected immediately.

Impressive Design

For winning new customers for your business, making them stay on your website longer then five seconds.

Custom Websites

For companies that expect a website that is shaped exactly to meet their needs default.

Selected projects


This program was created specially for a company operating within OHS (Occupational Health & Safety). Its main purpose is to organize distribution of products to clients. Moreover it enables clients to follow upcoming dispatch dates. It addition to that the program has a built in online store allowing clients to order products directly through the platform. Tusort is connected to the company's CRM system making it possible to synchronize products and place orders directly in the CRM. In this project we used for the first time in production our open source building system called final-modules which was a great success.

We made it simple

Our client needed a simple way to switch from the old software to the new one. We have hacked the old program decoding the old dBase database system and then we created the import script allowing the company for an easy shift to modern technology.

Optimal Pro

The program was created for Industria Sp. z o.o. a construction engineering company. Its main purpose is to give a constructor the best optimized cross-sections' parameters of a construction. User can define in a graphical way the shape of a construction and settings for a genetic optimization algorithm. Resulting in best optimized dimensions for the cross-sections used in the project. The project was sponsored by the UE and the budget for the application was EUR 164 000 net.

We made it simple

The architecture of the application is distributed - it consists of many modules and can be run on many servers around the world so that it boosts up computations' performance. Special dedicated load balancer was written in order to gather the results from all the worker-servers and to send the best solution to a user.

Application is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.JS platform. The calculation part is written in C++ (v11). The editor/designer is a browser-based application that uses polymer library.

C++11 Node.JS Distributed programming Genetic Algorithm Polymer


This project was created for Flashstudio. It is a multimedia platform for learning English. FinalClass contributed to this project delivering dedicated online store and scripts for adjusting the player. The project can be viewed online:

We made it simple

We combined the video with the panorama images making a visually impressive tool for learning English. The online store is programmed in PHP using Zend Framework. The player is coded in ActionScript with Flex.


Motim is a dedicated application programmed for Industria Sp. z o.o. It was created to help the company to manage projects, employees, invoices, tasks and schedules of many projects. Every user can work simultaneously on a project with others and every made change is visible to everyone immediately. The program generates summaries and can deliver many details such as contribution of each employee in the project or work loads for each day and employee.

We made it simple

The main part of the application is created using real-time technology and is used by about 50 users (architects, constructors, electrician, etc...). There are several access roles in the application. Roles define which parts of the application can be seen or edited by a user with assigned role. Administrator can easily grant or deny access for a user to specific parts of the system. Whole application is written in JavaScript. On the server-side we used Node.JS platform with express.js framework and library. On the browser-side - angular.js framework. We implemented our own database system (FinalDB) as a backend of the application.


We offer a highly customizable Content Management Systems with custom features that fits your business. We believe in specialization that's why we focus on programming and order a graphic to trusted subcontractors. That way we can create beautiful websites loaded with modern technology.